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Science and Mathematics Department


The department has four subjects i.e. Mathematics, Physics, Biology and Chemistry. It’s served by four teachers. It has two operational clubs i.e. Mathematics club and science club. These clubs organize internal contests for the students to boost their understanding in the subjects.




  1.  Develop a positive attitudes towards learning mathematics and science.
  2. Apply the principals of physics and acquired skills to construct appropriate scientific devices from the available resources.
  3.  Develop capacity for critical thinking in solving problems in any situations.
  4.  Contribute to the technologies and industrial development to the nation.
  5.  Acquire adequate knowledge for further and training.
  6.   Apply the knowledge gained to improve the health of the individual family to the community.
  7. Appreciate the role, value and use of mathematics and science in the society.




  1.  Existing physical facilities.
  2. Competent and devoted principal and his deputy.
  3. Conducive learning environment.
  4.  Trained and committed teaching force.
  5.   Full capacity and single stream classes.
  6.   Hard working and educated support staff.
  7. Adequate books and revision materials.


  1.  Lack of library facilities.
  2.   Poor payment of school fees.
  3. Average performance in science subjects.
  4.  Lack of strategic plan.
  5.   Negative attitude towards science and maths by a number of students.
  6. Some academically challenged students.
  7. Laziness and lack of self drive on the part of students.



  1.  A supportive educational team.
  2.  A good relationship with surrounding schools.
  3.  Availability of bursary schemes.
  4. CDF available from the Kenya government.



  1.  Inadequate parenting practices.
  2. Effects of HIV/AIDS and other pandemics.
  3. Low income of local parents.
  4. Inadequate motivation on both sides of pupils and teachers.



  1. To enhance practical work in teaching and learning of mathematics and sciences.
  2.  Encouraging and motivating students through professionals in the science field being invited to talk to the students.
  3. Timely completion of the syllabus by 30th June.
  4.  Eliminate poor grades and improve the quality grades.
  5.  Teach extra time.
  6. Give internal weekly mathematics quizzes.
  7. Conduct internal/external sympos, quizzes and contests.
  8. Increasing the number of practical examinations done by form threes and form four students.



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